A lift without a scalpel

We invite you to try the innovative RF microneedle treatment, which is referred to as a “lift without a scalpel.” Unbelievable results, improvement of skin’s firmness, face shape improvement. Recommended for scars and stretch marks. The treatment consists of minimal controlled damage to the surface layers of the skin and the formation of thermal microdamages deep in the skin. As a result of synergic electromagnetic…

Light EYES treatment

Individuals with dark circles and bags under their eyes are invited to try innovative needle mesotherapy of a revitalizing cocktail. It contains hyaluronic acid, butcher, berry, rosemary, vitamin C and hexapeptides. It works great for dark circles, swelling and wrinkles around the eyes. It improves microcirculation and skin elasticity, decreasing the likelihood of fluid forming around the eyes. Results can be seen after the first…

Zabiegi Trychologiczne

Trichology treatments

We offer treatments to regenerate damaged hair by using high level trichology products, a MicroMist device and cichlids. The misting component dilates the follicles and swells the hair for absorption of products, enhances treatments with deeper penetration of the serum used, infuses moisture into the hair to its’ deepest layer.

Terapia Led

LED photodynamic treatment

LED lamp emits light with varying frequency lengths. The energy that forms awakens cells to regenerate and rebuild, increases cell metabolism, improves bloody supply and tissue functioning. Light therapy slows down skin’s aging, regenerates skin cells, minimizes acne, eliminates scars, swelling and strengthens the immune system. It is used for cosmetology treatment, trichology and for wound healing.