Cosmetology Anti-aging treatments, closing blood vessels, reducing discoloration, as well as treatments with RF microneedles, needle-free mesotherapy, microneedle mesotherapy, electroporation, electroplating, electrocoagulation and injection treatments.




Microneedling and radio frequency treatment (RF) – 800 PLN and up
Radiofrequency ablation (RF) – 500 PLN and up

Platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss (ECLEST-PRP system):
Face: 350 PLN
Face, Neck + Neckline: 450 PLN
Scalp: 300 PLN
Hands: 300 PLN

Closing blood vessels: single blood vessel : 50 PLN; multiple – price need to be discussed 

Fibroma/wart removal – single removal: 70 PLN, multiple -price need to be discussed

Fillers: 1 amp 400 PLN up (lip filters, wrinkles, volumetria)

Microneedle and needle mesotherapy: 250-500 PLN (depending on area and ampule used)