The branch of medical and cosmetic studies concerned with the hair and scalp (e.g. alopecia, thinning hair, seborrhea, psoriasis)

In cooperation with ALAB laboratories, we offer laboratory diagnostics in the field of blood and urine laboratory tests, microbiological tests and histopathological examinations.

Specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the human foot and nail. We welcome patients with ingrown hairs, ingrown toenails, calluses, blisters, warts, cracked heels.

We offer anti-aging treatments, closing blood vessels, reducing discoloration, as well as treatments with RF microneedles, needle-free mesotherapy, microneedle mesotherapy, electroporation, electroplating, electrocoagulation and injection treatments.

The scope of services includes consultations and treatments in the field of minor surgery, pediatric surgery and orthopedic surgery. We also offer prophylactic examination of body posture.

Facial and body care treatments aimed at improving the skin’s condition. We welcome individuals with skin problems for healing treatments. Each treatment is based on extensive skin evaluation.